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Buying a home may be the largest investment one will ever make. Working with a trusted Professional Realty Services® Buyer Representative, we understand and identify the unique needs of the buyer. Our professional team expertise provides all the information needed to help make an educated decision. Not only will the buyer representative negotiate the best terms and provide necessary information to make decisions, but be a reliable ally, always on YOUR side.

Choice of Agents

In the past, real estate agents served primarily the home seller, acting as a sub-agent of the listing broker while working with the buyer to help the buyer find a home.  This meant that the agent was legally bound to obtain the best terms and price for the seller.

Today, the listing agent represents the seller and the buyer’s agent represents the buyer. Buyers have a choice of representation!

Agents also have a choice!  Agents can elect to represent either the seller or buyer, or both. If the listing is one that is listed by the buyer’s agent’s office, limited dual representation is utilized.

Standards of Trust

  • Use unique technology tools to find the right location and home with exposure to the entire market
  • Evaluate specific properties and keep information about negotiation strategies confidential
  • Determine a fair market value and advice in negotiating the best strategies, price and terms
  • Obedience to all lawful instructions by disclosing information about the property and/or seller’s motivation.
  • Advice with mortgage financing
  • Assist in closing the transaction
  • My loyalty and high-moral standards have proven my successful negotiation track record

Will the buyer need to sign an agreement?

Initially, it is completely optional for the buyer to sign an agreement before the search for a new home begins. However, when an offer is written, the buyer must sign an Agency Agreement as part of the offer and purchasing contract.

Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) does not apply when it comes to real estate. Your agent understands and can advise on inspections, disclosures, deadlines, loan procedures, etc. Representation for the buyer is essential in the home buying process.

What about new homes and new subdivisions?

If you are interested in a new home, I am happy to include those listings in my showings. Because North Idaho builders appreciate the assistance of Professional Realty Services Realtors, our strong relationship makes it a smooth process for interested buyers.

When looking at new homes, it is important to let the site salesperson know that you currently have buyer representation with Professional Realty Services Idaho. Take us with you when you’re looking – “we speak the builders’ language.”

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