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Kootenai County residents enjoy four distinct seasons throughout the year. The region receives an average annual rainfall of 28 inches and an average annual snowfall of 50 inches and enjoys approximately 142 sunny days. There are approximately 120 frost free days in Kootenai County, with the last frost ending in mid-May and the first beginning mid-September. Temperatures are slightly cooler overall north of the city of Coeur d’Alene, especially in the winter and spring months when warming effects of lake Coeur d’Alene are most pronounced. During the month of August, area grass field are burned to stimulate crop production for the following year

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The Coeur d’Alene region is blessed with a wide variety of recreational facilities and opportunities. Within the county there are 87 parks and campgrounds offering diverse activities such as fishing, swimming, hiking, softball and tennis. Over 47 hiking trails provide outdoor enthusiasts endless places to explore or cross country ski. Lake Coeur d’Alene is the second largest lake in the state of Idaho and was named one of the most beautiful lakes in the world by National Geographic. Lake Coeur d’Alene provides 109 miles of shoreline to quench whatever pleasure you are seeking. If you would like to test the waters with a fishing pole, Chinook salmon, Cutthroat trout, Kokanee salmon, Northern pike, Large & Small Mouth bass, and a number of other species are awaiting the challenge. More that 50 other lakes lie within an easy drive of Coeur d’Alene. Some include Hayden Lake, Fernan Lake and the Chain Lakes that are part of the Coeur d’Alene River system. During our four distinct seasons listed above there are many activities going on in North Idaho. Click on the seasonal link’s above for additional information.

Annual Averages

Highs (F)
Lows (F)
Jan 3.94″ 34.6 21.8
Feb 4.18″ 38.2 25.8
Mar 1.92″ 47.6 27.7
Apr 1.77″ 58.2 33.4
May 2.44″ 68.6 41.3
Jun 1.98″ 75.9 48.0
Jul 0.71″ 85.5 52.4
Aug 1.23″ 84.9 51.9
Sep 0.94″ 75.6 45.0
Oct 1.96″ 61.4 37.3
Nov 2.77″ 44.8 30.3
Dec 3.85″ 37.4 26.3
Mean Summer Temp 63.5
Mean Winter Temp 31.5
Avg. Relative Humidity 47%
Elevation (avg.) 2,152′